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Workforce Board
In the Workforce Development World we’re used to dealing with admin rate calculations, tight budgets, public and political scrutiny, policy changes etc. – all factors which rarely allow our organizations to have pay grades at the top of our MSA scale.

Here at the Connective Workplace, we understand that even MORE than in businesses, workforce development organizations face major and growing challenges with talent acquisition and retention. Creating the right employee experience around safety in communication is vital because it’s absolutely impossible for us to “recruit and retain” by throwing money at people. We must create a strong value proposition by fostering a culture of open – safe communication.

How We Help

Together We Build Success

Building your Connective Blueprint is how you get what you REALLY want – A team of – connected and healthy people – working toward common goals on the daily. It is the culture that you and your team co-create – that empowers your team to produce maximum results where EVERYONE feels VALUED.

As Executive Directors, CEOs or Directors, of course we might WANT our team to perform “just because it’s their job” or because they’re provided with great benefits or even because “OUR MISSION CALLS”, but guess what? Maximizing performance in today’s multi-generational workforce requires more. More connection. More authenticity. More communication.

Truth be told, most CEOs and Executive Directors assume that their team IS performing at peak UNTIL they witness the transformation the Connective Workplace brings. To be clear here, this transformation has to do with organizational HEALTH – NOT pay (though equitable pay is vital) not benefits (though these can be very important), it has to do with how your team FEELS about your organization, their work, and their individual contribution to the group and your cause!

Our Process

Workforce Board

Step 1: Measure Communication Safety

Our Connective Assessment Tool will determine the current level of “Communication Safety” in your organization.

Workforce Board

Step 2: Pursue EVERY Voice

Our proven Connective Review / Discussion processes will confidentially collect perspective from the members of your Team.

Workforce Board

Step 3: Create the Blueprint

Our proprietary Connective Blueprint process uses the information from the Connective Review / Discussion to build an actionable plan for improving your organization.

Workforce Board

Step 4: Shape Your Culture

Once your Connective Blueprint is complete, all that’s left is to follow the blueprint toward improved organizational health!

Workforce Board

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat!

Now that the Connective Processes are part of your culture and organizational DNA, use them over and over to leave behind stagnant culture and move into a new era of continuous improvement and engagement!

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