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Our Process

Process Steps

Step 1: Measure Communication Safety

Our Connective Assessment Tool will determine the current level of “Communication Safety” in your organization.

Process Steps

Step 2: Pursue EVERY Voice

Our proven Connective Review / Discussion processes will confidentially collect perspective from the members of your Team.

Process Steps

Step 3: Create the Blueprint

Our proprietary Connective Blueprint process uses the information from the Connective Review / Discussion to build an actionable plan for improving your organization.

Process Steps

Step 4: Shape Your Culture

Once your Connective Blueprint is complete, all that’s left is to follow the blueprint toward improved organizational health!

Process Steps

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat!

Now that the Connective Processes are part of your culture and organizational DNA, use them over and over to leave behind stagnant culture and move into a new era of continuous improvement and engagement!