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Welcome to the Connective Workplace Your solution for building a culture of safe communication between leadership and the team bringing lasting improvements in employee retention, acquisition, engagement, innovation, and performance.

When I was in my late teens, my first job was working in a family business owned by my Dad, my Uncle and my Grandfather.

It was a manufacturing business that made wood privacy fence. The process I worked in was cutting parts and then assembling them into ready-to-install fence sections. The job was outside in pole barns in Florida (yep, nice and steamy – hahaha).

So as I’m working alongside the other employees, I’m hearing things. Things that seem like a moving current of anger, frustration, and to be honest, my co-workers just seemed generally disgruntled. Now, the thing that was the most painful was this…

They never let on that they were disgruntled in front of the management or ownership. THEY JUST TALKED ABOUT IT AMONGST THEMSELVES!

To try to solve the problem I dove into intensive study on leadership and management theory – and this coupled with changing societal and generational dynamics made me all the more convinced that the whole “leadership” concept needed an overhaul!

So, I began assembling my own little basket of simple tools and I started using them to communicate with and engage the Teams I was working with. The results were spectacular with teams experiencing tremendous improvements in morale and engagement as well as productivity and a host of ancillary things like improved absenteeism, loyalty, lower pilferage, etc.


Our Philosophy

We believe that EVERY member of an organization has unique insights, perceptions, and value. If an organization is to reach it’s highest potential, it must not ignore, or even simply accept, this individual voice, it must PURSUE THE VOICE

The MISSION of the Connective Workplace is to EMPOWER the Pursuit of the Voice. Every Team Member – Every Mind – The Full Power of the Collective.

Step 1

This measures the organization’s “GAP”

Step 2

This simple tool gathers VITAL information from each and EVERY member of the Team.

Step 3

This process takes the information gathered in the Connective Review process and organizes it into an actionable plan to move the company forward using the full power of the collective!

Step 4

Watch the needle move toward better organizational health in your organization!

How We Help

What if you could HIRE AND RETAIN YOUR DREAM TEAM despite the labor market challenges all around you –

From the first session, we will work TOGETHER to connect with your Team and build your unique Connective Blueprint – in real-time.

Building your Connective Blueprint is how you get what you REALLY want – A team of – connected and healthy people working toward common goals on the daily. It is the culture that you and your team co-create – that empowers your team to produce maximum results where EVERYONE feels VALUED.

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Workforce Board

Workforce Board



  • The SHORT answer is that the Connective Workplace certifies that you as a leader care enough about your Team to implement an “accountable” communication strategy that pursues EVERY individual voice AND provides every individual a regular opportunity to safely contribute in their workplace!

    The longer and more specific answer is that you are actively and visibly creating an environment for safe communication and engaging your team by pursuing each individual voice on a regular basis. Further the Connective Workplace certifies that the organization is actively utilizing the information learned from the communication process to create a blueprint for organizational health and development. The process of the Connective Workplace creates and maintains a connective, communicative, culture which places a quantifiable weight on the contributions of EVERY Team Member.

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