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Improve Your Workforce Retention, Acquisition, Engagement and Performance

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About David Founder & CEO

When I was in my late teens, my first job was working in a family business owned by my Dad, my Uncle and my Grandfather.

It was a manufacturing business that made wood privacy fence. The process I worked in was cutting parts and then assembling them into ready-to-install fence sections. The job was outside in pole barns in Florida (yep, nice and steamy – hahaha).

So as I’m working alongside the other employees, I’m hearing things. Things that seem like a moving current of anger, frustration, and to be honest, my co-workers just seemed generally disgruntled.

Our Mission

We believe that EVERY member of an organization has unique insights, perceptions, and value. If an organization is to reach it’s highest potential, it must not ignore, or even simply accept, this individual voice, it must PURSUE THE VOICE


The MISSION of the Connective Workplace is to EMPOWER the Pursuit of the Voice. Every Team Member – Every Mind – The Full Power of the Collective.

Our Process At A Glance

Step 1: The Connective Assessment

This measures the organization's "GAP"

Step 2: The Connective Review

This simple tool gathers VITAL information from each and EVERY member of the Team.

Step 3: The Connective Blueprint

This process takes the information gathered in the Connective Review process and organizes it into an actionable plan to move the company forward using the full power of the collective!

Step 4: (Repeat) The Connective Assessment

Watch the needle move toward better organizational health in your organization!

The Connective Blueprint Together We Build Success

Building your Connective Blueprint is how you get what you REALLY want – A team of – connected and happy people – working toward common goals on the daily. It is the design that you and your team co-create – that empowers your team to produce maximum results with EVERYONE feeling VALUED.
As managers or business owners, of course we might WANT our team to perform “just because it’s their job” or because we provide them with great benefits or even because we “REALLY NEED THEM TO”, but guess what? Maximizing performance in today’s multi-generational workforce requires more – more connection, more collaboration, and more communication. 
In fact, many managers assume that their team IS performing at peak UNTIL they witness the transformation. To be clear here, this transformation has to do with organizational HEALTH – NOT pay (though you must pay equitably) not benefits (though they can be very important), it has to do with how your team FEELS about their company and their work and their individual contribution to the group!
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