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About Us

About Us

Why We Started…

Let me start with a simple question: If I were to CONFIDENTIALLY ask EVERY member of your Team how SAFE they feel communicating their feelings, thoughts, or concerns with the supervisors and managers in your organization? – What do YOU think their response would be?!

SPOILER ALERT! – Most leaders think they have no “GAP” in their organization. Yet, in more than 90% of groups we find leaders are talked ABOUT far more than they are talked TO  🙁

…but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself – Let me explain the… “GAP”

David R. Kraft, Our Founder

Chief Executive Officer  Vision Consulting Group, Inc. Creator of the Connective Workplace

I was born in Sarasota, Florida and grew up in an entrepreneurial family. I’m a 4th generation serial entrepreneur and I believe that people should go to work every day loving their job, working in their strengths, and being included as an integral part of the success of their organization – NO MATTER WHAT POSITION THEY OCCUPY.
I’m all about being a relationship-builder – I often say “Relationships are everything and everything is relationships”!  I’m a public speaker who loves to inspire and to help organizations and individuals develop / cast vision for the future. My multi-industry executive, consultative, and managerial experience spans many years (More than I care to mention hahaha!) I’m community minded and a connector – I like to help other relationships form and grow! I sit on multiple local non-profit boards and I measure my results by the visible impact they make.
It’s a privilege and an honor to work with teams – including the phenomenal team here at Vision Consulting Group and the Connective Workplace.
About Us

Our Team

Senior Consultant - SHRM-SCP

Joseph (Joe) Beaudoin

Senior Consultant – SHRM-SCP

I moved to Florida via Ohio thirteen years ago and despite the fact that every insect and animal in Florida bites, stings, or wants to eat me, I considers myself an official Floridian. I definitely have no desire to return to the cold weather and snow! I started my career in Human Resources over twenty-two years ago while working with military families at Wright-Patterson AFB and I’ve since worked with several fortune 500 companies as an HR Director, HR Manager, and Senior HR Generalist. Having been a small business owner myself, I really do have a heart and huge compassion for small business owners and my reputation is that I go above and beyond – exceeding expectations. Working in a consultative capacity allows me to think outside the box and retain creative control over how I serve clients. My wife and I have adopted four children from our local foster care organization and I have a deep desire to make a difference in the world and I focus on doing this through my work with leaders around the country every day!

I was born in México City and came to the Suncoast of Florida in 1991. I1 have more than 30 years of experience in Interpretation, Translation, and Language Instruction (Tutoring) services in the legal, business, and personal development fields. I’ve been involved as the official provider of all interpreting, translating, and educational services to the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida for more than 20 years. Additionally, I’ve lectured on interpreting and provided workshops and training in legal and community interpreting for many years. These experiences, and my broad technical language skills, uniquely qualify me to partner with our clients by providing exceptional Language Instruction, Interpreting, and Translating services.
In my proprietary process, language is learned without textbooks or grammar rules to memorize. Instead, it is learned in the context of authentic cultural materials, using the natural approach method and experiential learning to incorporate grammar and vocabulary with lessons that may include history, art, cooking and contemporary issues of each country.
I wholeheartedly believe that the most valuable tool for any interaction with a foreign country is primarily the knowledge of their language and I’ve spent my career helping to bring together those whose native language is English with those whose native language is Spanish.

Senior Consultant - English/Spanish Communication

Gerardo Ramirez-Rodriguez

Senior Consultant – English/Spanish Communication
Connective Workplace Ambassador - Organizational Health Consultant, BA Applied Sciences

Kuntal Patel

Connective Workplace Ambassador – Organizational Health Consultant, BA Applied Sciences

I’m a first generation Indian, born and raised in Southern California. Growing up I spent my time camping, hanging on the beach, playing in bands, and contributing time to community service and volunteer work. I acquired an Eagle Scout degree in my adolescence, and after high school I went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in Applied Sciences with a focus on Art. I also hold an American Sign Language Interpreting Certification.
Having traveled and lived in multiple countries, I’ve gained valuable experience and knowledge of many different cultures and peoples around the world. I now reside in Nashville, Tennessee my “home away from home” !
I continue my commitment to work and serve the communities around me, while also building and maintaining relationships with people all around the world!

I’m all about communication, business development and relationships. My roots are in Sarasota, FL where I was born and raised! Here in the local community, I’ve been on the forefront of the event and networking space. For the past several years, I’ve managed and promoted a recurring event for local business owners and locals to intermingle. This event has over 900 attendees and is one of the largest networking events on the Suncoast. But – the backstory is that it all kinda started when I was 9 years old. I created and sold a magazine/newspaper for my neighborhood. 😊 It was the beginning of my realizing just how passionate I am about connecting with the community and sharing stories! Over the years I’ve managed several other events and even spent some time as a co-host on local radio shows. I believe and practice the notion that businesses thrive through creating amazing relationships and I’m actively building and growing those relationships! I have a business management degree from State College of Florida, and I work hard every day to nurture the relationships we have with our clients and the community at large.

Connective Workplace Ambassador - Organizational Health Consultant, AA, Business Management

Karissa Souza

Connective Workplace Ambassador – Organizational Health Consultant, AA, Business Management