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Welcome to the Connective Workplace Your solution for building a culture of safe communication between leadership and the team bringing lasting improvements in employee retention, acquisition, engagement, innovation, and performance.

For more than two decades “employee engagement” has been a metric and a buzz phrase in the management/leadership world. According to some estimates more than 30 MILLION Americans have become aware of, and more focused on, their strengths over the past 20 plus years. Yet the most recent data shows that the ratio of “engaged to actively disengaged” American workers is at its lowest point since 2013.

So why isn’t the needle moving the right direction? Well, inherently helping people understand their strengths better is only a FUNCTION of engagement. It’s something we can “engage to do”. But just like all other motivational and inspirational things we might do as leaders to engage our team – eventually the subject upon which we’re engaging fades and we are back to baseline. Or even below it.

The problem: Functions of engagement are impostors – they smack of true engagement – where leadership truly wants to engage with the team, but when it’s all said and done we’re not engaging just to engage. We’re engaging to implement or to train or to develop or to teach. All good functions which drive positive outcomes, they just don’t communicate CONNECTION for the sake of connection. They communicate engagement for an industrial outcome – rather than a relational outcome. The only engagement that is perpetual is engagement for the sake of relationship – CONNECTIVE CONVERSATION. It’s conversations – for the sake of conversations. No sleight of management hand. Just authentic safe two-way communication. Ironically, when we engage to CONNECT, we learn and what we learn leads to positive organizational outcomes. Funny how that works!

Truly engaging employees is just that simple – have conversations. But sadly then we hit the next wall: Communication safety. Most leaders think they have communication safety in their teams, yet their teams disagree. So the game is simple but two-fold. It’s engaging them by building FOR them a visible culture of safe communication. The engagement is the result of open communication, it’s organic, it’s SAFE, it’s inclusive and it’s transformational. Shockingly, when we engage our team, they are engaged and when we create a CULTURE of safe communication, the elusive concept of perpetual “engagement” is the result.

Our Philosophy

We believe that EVERY member of an organization has unique insights, perceptions, and value. If an organization is to reach it’s highest potential, it must not ignore, or even simply accept, this individual voice, it must PURSUE THE VOICE

The MISSION of the Connective Workplace is to EMPOWER the Pursuit of the Voice. Every Team Member – Every Mind – The Full Power of the Collective.

How We Help

What if your team had the superpower of safety in communication and a culture that makes them feel valued, heard, and engaged?

What if a single certification with straightforward easy to implement steps could feed you real-time diagnostics and feedback from your team – while also helping you collaboratively build the blueprint for your future?

Maximizing performance in today’s multi-generational workforce requires more; More connection. More authenticity. More communication. The Connective Blueprint™ is the key to what you REALLY want – A team of – connected and healthy people working toward common goals on the daily. It is the culture that you and your team co-create – that empowers your team to produce maximum results where EVERYONE feels VALUED.

Certified Connective Workplaces™ have higher retention, stronger engagement, happier team members, and improved performance. Period.

Which Best Describes Your Organization?

How our clients describe their experience


  • The SHORT answer is that the Connective Workplace certifies that you as a leader care enough about your Team to implement an “accountable” communication strategy that pursues EVERY individual voice AND provides every individual a regular opportunity to safely contribute in their workplace!

    The longer and more specific answer is that you are actively and visibly creating an environment for safe communication and engaging your team by pursuing each individual voice on a regular basis. Further the Connective Workplace certifies that the organization is actively utilizing the information learned from the communication process to create a blueprint for organizational health and development. The process of the Connective Workplace creates and maintains a connective, communicative, culture which places a quantifiable weight on the contributions of EVERY Team Member.

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